Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the Blackberry, continue to struggle in the mobile market.

They are now holding over $1bn worth of unsold stock, which is a massive increase of around $400m from the previous year.  The pile of stock does not include any devices held at retail outlets or mobile networks.

None of this bodes well for RIM, who are hoping that the imminent, and delayed, launch of version 10 of their Blackberry Operating system will ease them back into the mobile market.  OS 10 will support more types of BB devices and handle touch screen technology more intuitively.  Originally the launch was due in early 2010 however this has now been delayed until later in the year.

In the 2008 RIM shares peaked at $147.55 but, as it struggles to compete with Apple and Android (Google's mobile O/S), its share price currently hovers around $11.

RIM is simply running out of time -- there is no definite release date for the new operating system or hardware, and nothing in the current range is exciting enough to stimulate potential new users.

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