Are HP having second thoughts?  It was only last week that HP announced to the world a significant change in it's strategy going forward.  Out would go hardware and in would come a focus on software, with the acquisition of  UK software firm Autonomy for £7.1bn ($11.7bn).

Fast forward a mere four days to 23 August and the world wide supply of HP Touchpad's had evaporated.  They announced to the supply chain that the devices should be slashed from around the £450 level to the £99; with HP taking the hit on stock already purchased from them.  The public went crazy and everyone suddenly needed an HP Touchpad!

Was this a shrewd move by HP?

What HP have in effect done is ensure a far wider take up of their device, and their operating system (WebOS).  Many more people now have a tablet than had one last week.  These users are now in the market for software upgrades, and more importantly, Applications for their tablet.  Apple's revenue on commission from the Apps in their Store is significant based on the volumes.

HP now have a potentially valuable asset -- do they back track and start developing the product, or do they sell it as a going concern (and a much more valuable one at that)?!

Rumours are already floating around that Samsung are keen on buying webOS.

Watch with interest -- maybe on your HP TouchPad!  ;-)

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