HP have announced the launch of the Slate 2, their latest attempt at a Tablet PC.  Hot on the heels of dropping their TouchPad like a hot potato they now come to the market with a new version of the original Slate.

Running Windows 7, the Slate 2 is an upgrade to the original Slate 500 and is aimed at the business market.  Interestingly this new device is thicker and heavier than its predecessor which seems an odd route to take surely!  Boasting an impressive(!) six hours battery also seems like a poor show; tablet users expect much more life in their slab.  It also comes with a handly stylus, which no one really wants.

With HP appearing to abandon their WebOS tablet oeprating system in favour of a middle-of-the-road Windows 7, you do have to wonder who is steering the HP ship and is one eye closed to what people really want?

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