Google and HP have today announced the imminent arrival of the HP Chromebook 11 -- the latest in a range of ultra-portable laptops running the Google OS.

A read though the specification doesn't offer much of a buzz.

It has a 11.6 inch diagonal IPS screen, offering a 176-degree viewing angle -- this apparently makes it easier to share your screen with others over your shoulder. To be honest an 11 inch screen is very much a personal device other than for showing photos. Someone standing nearby may struggle to read normal sized text.

Weighing a fraction over 1Kg (2.3 pounds), it is definitely light weight with a battery life of 6 hours. The body is white plastic with blue, red, yellow or green colour accents. There is also a more traditional black case. All devices come with a led 'lightbar' on the lid!

One interesting, and unique feature, is the power adapter. It uses the same micro-USB charger as phones/tablets. This is an excellent decision however it does have a down side. The USB-micro port also doubles as an external connector for a monitor; if you want to hook up to the TV you can't be charging!

Battery life is surprisingly low, when you consider a Samsung Chrombeook equivalent boasts 10 hours. It's also missing a SD card slot, which is common in these ultra-portables.

All in all nothing exciting in this device, unless you can spot something I am missing ?

White HP Chromebook 11 with blue accent

White HP Chromebook 11 with blue accent

The HP Chromebook 11 is available from 20 October 2013 with pre-orders being taken now from Amazon, the Google play store and PC world. Pricing is listed as £229 in the UK and $279 in the USA. PCWorld are taking orders now for shipping 21 October.

The HP Chromebook11 joins the HP Chromebook14, HP SlateBook x2, the HP Slate7 and HP Slate21 All-in-One.

HP Chromebook 11 full specification


  • 11.6" display with 16:9 aspect ratio (IPS Panel) 1366 x 768
  • 60% Color Gamut
  • 300 nit screen
  • Wide viewing angle (176 degree)


  • Chrome keyboard
  • touchpad
  • VGA Webcam


  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • Micro-SIM slot (3G and 4G/LTE model only)
  • Micro USB for 15.75W charging and SlimPort video out


  • 297 x 192 x 17.6 mm


  • 2.3lb / 1.04kg


  • Exynos 5250 GAIA Application Processor


  • 2GB (4x 4Gbit) DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB Solid State Drive1


  • Combined headphone / microphone jack
  • Digitally-tuned speakers with sound ported up through the keyboard


  • Up to 6 hours of active use (30 Wh battery)


  • Dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • Verizon LTE connectivity (optional and coming soon)


  • 100 GB Google Drive cloud storage, free for two years
  • 60-day free trial with Google Play Music All Access
  • 12 free sessions of GoGo® Inflight Internet

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