Google DriveJust a few days ago I was lamenting the fact that you can't take a file attachment in Google Mail and place this in your GDrive. It seems such an obvious thing to do yet it is missing as a feature in Gmail. I'm sure the Google-plex will eventual close the circle but I set off to find a solution.

I think I have the perfect way to save those file attachments in Gmail to your Google Drive.

On my quest I wanted to avoid browser plugins if I could. Two main reasons: I never give anyone/any plugin access to my mail, never! Secondly, it means you need to have the plugin installed on every device you use.

I am pleased to report I found the perfect solution, certainly for me and hopefully you too.

Basically you run a small script via Google Docs Spreadsheet app. This activates and runs a process to check your Google mail every few minutes. From that point onwards any email you assign a label GoogleDrive will automatically have its files extracted and stored in a GMail folder in GDrive ready for you to view or move to another folder. You can even sync. it for offline access too.

It addresses both my no point is anyone accessing my mail. I authorise 'me' to run the script. There is also no plugin, which is perfect as it also works on the mobile GMail App on your phone/tablet -- simply assign the email the label and the job is done.

I take absolutely no credit for the solution.  Full details of the 10 second setup process are available over at Amit Agarwal blog post on How to send gmail attachments to Google Drive.


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