There is much berating of Apple's policy on allowing, or disallowing, Apps into the iOS AppStore.  In the early days Apple were very strict on what was permitted, however over the years they have learned from their errors and are a little more lenient.

What about the Adroid Market?  For now, there is far less control and this can not be a good thing for the consumer

Initially the Apple Appstore rules were harsh -- no App could directly replace a native iPhone App.  Those days are thankfully gone and we have some great app choices.

Beyond the type of App, Apple check every single submission -- some would say to a forensic level.  Once an App is submitted it is scrutinised right down to the source code so Apple know the capability of the app; checking for malicious or non-documented code.

App developers may moan at the scrutiny, and the time it takes, however one  thing is clear -- when the App makes it onto your iOS device there is almost no chance of it harbouring any naughtiness.

Sadly this is not the same for Android apps -- yet another issue has arisen with potential malware within an Android app.  Users have downloaded it masquerading as a 'cool app' but there is a whole underworld of activity running within the app, infecting your phone and spreading.  Some estimates say 5 million downloads!  It was only a month ago Google pulled 22 apps from the Market because the Apps were tricking users into sending text messages to premium rate numbers.

The Android Market runs largely unregulated however Google are getting better.  Also, there are a number of alternative  Markets for Android devices (which are not so desirable!).  The results can be bad news for you and your phone.

I don't want to turn this post into an iPhone -v- Android debate.  However I know I am confident when I download an App onto my iOS device that it will be safe.

On this occasion I believe Apple, for all their control,  are taking the correct steps to protect me and my devices.  After all, it is in their interest to ensure my long term commitment to their brand.

Windows Phone Marketplace is a relative newcomer and details on their scrutiny of an App is scarce.  Let's hope they have learned from others!

Apple have over 550,000 apps currently on the App Store, which began life in July 2008.  The Android Market launched in October 2008 and has around 250,000 apps for download.

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