Birthday BaloonsToday marks the birthday of the official launch of the first version of Microsoft Windows.

Things have come a long way since version 1.0, but 20 November 1985 (27 years ago) marked the start of a significant change for PCs.

Version 1.0 was around as early as 1983 however the first official release was 1985 as version 1.01.

The requirements for 1.01 seem meagre by today's standard -- At least a CGA graphics card with a colour or monochrome screen, MS-DOS version 2.0 and 256 kB of memory or more.  The operating system required two double-sided disk drives or a hard drive.

It boasted the ability to offer multi tasking of DOS application, however windows could not over-lap on-screen but could be tiled.  Information boxes were the only interface feature to appear on top of other windows.  One of the few applications still remaining today is Notepad -- simple and effective.  Others such as the Calculator and Paint also remain but as more sophisticated versions.

Version 1.0 has one final claim to fame -- it was officially supported by Microsoft for 16 years; the longest of any version so far.

Windows1.0 Windows 1.01


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