Google+ have today opened their doors to teenagers.  Until now the Social Networking site has been the domain of 'adults' however, with some special filters and assistance for our younger people, Google are throwing open the doors.

Minimum age is now 13 years and they will have some extra controls to try to keep them safe online.

Basically if teens post or hang out with people out-with their Cirlces Google+ will take a step back and warn them.  Bradley Horowitz has all the details on Google+ safety.

Could this be the audience Google have needed to throw G+ into the masses?  They recently announced 90 million users, but this is still tiny compared to Facebook's 800 million.

For those already on G+, hold on to your hats as the teens arrive.  (To be honest, I just assumed most of those kids who were interested were already on and had just lied about their age!)

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