Google plus logoAs Google+ approaches it first birthday on 28 June 2012, I thought I would reflect a little on some of it's more controversial aspects.

For this article let's consider the 'real name' policy.

When Google+ first launched the service it was invitation only -- however after 12 weeks and 20 million users it was opened to the public on 20 September 2011.  Among all the fuss was a clear policy, actively policed, by Google insisting on real names and not aliases on a profile.

In a support document from Google guiding you on your Google+ Profile name it is quite clear :

  • Your profile and name must represent you as an individual
  • Don't pretend to be someone else

In fact the Google+ Policy, which we are all bound by, states in section 11 and 12 that you must use your real name.

Scores of profiles have been suspended by Google as they do not meet their naming policy, including people who use nicknames.

With all this in mind, one has to wonder how it is possible for the great Albert Einstein to be using Google+?  The man shuffled off this planet 57 years ago, yet he has a Google+ Page and actively posts.

To be fair, there is a subtle difference here -- this is a Page, not a Profile.  Pages are usually for Brands, however they must adhere to the same naming policy.

Even more amazing hypocritical is that he is actively promoted by Google and is often seen as a "What's Hot on Google+"

Now what is that famous hashtag -- #justsaying !!

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