BBM, the new messenger app from Blackberry arrives in the Google Play store today and there seems to be a good deal of interest. Did you spot all the fake apps trying to cash in on the interest?

Several times in the past I have mused the relaxed attitude of Google when allowing Apps into the store. Unlike their rivals, Google do not appear to undertaken much vetting; poor quality, useless apps appear all the time. However I do think it becomes a little absurd when developers can actually attempt to fake a rival app, and with some degree of success. The official BBM app [link not available yet!] has a number of fakes.  This morning one appeared called "BBM Messenger for Android", form Blackberry Inc., and launched today!

BBM Fake App

My alarms bells started ringing in my head when I was told it is compatible with all my devices - I know the official version will only work with phones. Scrolling down, there's a reassuring narrative.... Blackberry Messenger Full Edition!!! For All Android Devices and also it is FREE!!! BBM™ 7.0.1 now gives you the freedom to chat with your friends. Too many exclamation marks I think. Further down the narrative there is some nonsense, and  the 'Email developer' link is to a Gmail account.

BBM fake app narrative

If anyone still thinks this is the real App please turn off your computer and walk away. If you dare to install the app on your device, this is the first screen you get....

‚Äč Fake app

Can you believe almost 10,000 (allegedly real) people have given this a review? There is something far wrong with the Google Play store when this can happen! Who knows what this app is actually doing! The moral of the story: Trust nothing, check everything if you value your privacy and safety. Wherever possible download for verified developers.  

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