Back in September 2012 Google acquired Nik Software, the creator of Snapseed photo editor for the Mac and iOS. Since then everyone has expected Google to use the acquisition to refresh their own photo editing tools.

Today Google+ received an update, clearly heavily influenced by Snapseed.

New Google+ Photo Editor based on Snapseed

Josh Haftel, Senior Product Manager at Google, ex-Product Manager at Nik Software, announced the update via Google+.

All the typical features are available, but we have new features too:

  • Auto Enhance already makes the photos you add to Google+ look great. Now you can customise and fine tune these adjustments if you have a different look in mind.
  • Selective adjust lets you make edits to specific parts of your image, so you can make that summer sky look even more blue without affecting the beach in the foreground.
  • Filters like Vintage, Drama, Retrolux or Black and White give your photos a new look. Add the finishing touch with a frame.

The update is an interesting refresh, with one heavy caveat: It is only available in the Chrome browser!

This is a bold move, and Google give no hint if they intend to roll it out to other browsers.  It would be unfortunate if we returned to the days when certain sites required a particular browser (I'm thinking the Internet Explorer nightmares of eons ago).

Google are a strong supporter of various web standards so you would hope they are not deviating from this solid path. Shamefully, for Google, the old version of Photo Editor is not made available to other browsers either.

Chrome only for Google Plus photo editor

Putting aside the negatives to this update, it is great suite of tools.

Google have of course produced a cheesy promo-video, with obligatory clap-along music.

Perhaps this was the reason Google+ Photo Edit button disappeared last week for a number of days; with no explanation.

What are your thoughts on the Chrome limitation/requirement?

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