After 90 days of testing to a closed group of people Google+ is to open the doors to everyone -- Vic Gundotra announced today.  (By 'closed' we mean almost anyone who really wanted an invite!)

In the announcement he notes that just under 100 changes have been made since the field trials started.  Changes in the 90's include some new features to 'hangouts' and, finally, integrated searching within G+.  Change number 100 was reserved for the announcement that Google+ is now open to anyone who visits

Up and coming features are listed here, but still no mention of allowing brands/Corporate onto Google+.  Also, those users on Google Apps for Domains (a domain name hosted by Google) are still excluded from Google+ -- staggering fail!

The new features will arrive globally in the next few days.

After the initially excitement died down on the field testing of G+, and the scramble for an invite, the userbase quickly faded to dedicated techie's.  Hopefully with the doors open we will see and a better mix of users.

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