Another day, another music service is launched.  Google Music have launched their Music store for Android devices, annoyingly only in the USA for now.

On board are three of the four major music labels -- EMI, Sony, Universal -- plus many independent labels.  (technically EMI & Universal are one after  Universal recently purchased EMI).  Google Music claim to be making around 13 million songs available (although only 8 million are currently online).

There is not much else to report.  Google are clearly targeting the massive Apple iTunes machine, however they are 8 years late and seem to be offering nothing new or exciting.  Perhaps worthy of a few words, Google Music offers an 'Artists Hub' allowing independent music to be published directly to their service, with Google keeping 30% of the sales; they will also be integrating GM with Google+ and allow sharing.  Beyond that there is very little differential from the other online music stores.

Several questions do come to mind...  Why have Warner Music not joined yet? Can it really be that difficult to agree licenses, with so many others already doing it?  Why the US only? (again, there are so many other online stores already with a far greater global reach).

By contrast Apples iTunes store opened with a mere 200,000 songs in April 2003 but now has 20+ million, covering all the music labels and over 200 independent labels.  iTunes Music is available in 37 countries.

Amazon MP3 music launched in 2007 with 2 million tracks and now has around 17 million available in 7 countries.

To be fair to Google Music, all other music services usually launched in the US first, but with Google so late to the party you think they could have negotiated for more countries at launch.

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