On the eve of the first year of Google+ we have some encouraging statistics, announced at the Google IO developers conference in San Francisco.

After just 364 days (with the first two months of that not even open to the public) Google+ has 250 million users on the Social Networking site.

Of course the sceptics will immediately pounce on this figure saying it is not a true representation of use.  This is indeed true -- everyone who now creates a GMail account automatically signs up for a G+ profile, so 250m could be considered distorted.

However Google further clarify this stat. by saying 150m+ of those users access their account every month, and 50% (75 million) sign in every day, spending an average of 12 minutes in their Google+ stream.

250 million users is low compared to the 900+ million Facebook users, but if you consider that it took Facebook almost 3 years to get its first 250m, I think we can say Google are doing rather well.

There are always those ready to jump in and say Google+ is deserted, however you only get out what you put in.  Don't expect to login to G+ and find your life -- when you turn up at a party you need to interact to make new friends.

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