Google are aiming to increase transparency in their adverts.  We are all familiar with Google Ads appearing on the right hand side of a search result or in our Google Mail, and we all know these are targeted, however Google Towers wants to explain why and give us more control.

Rolling out in the coming weeks Google will add an option to the top of the advert column with the moniker "Why this Ad?"

Clicking on the link will explain why you are seeing the adverts, but more importantly give you access to the Ad Preference Manager.  This tool allows you to block adverts from specific sources.  In addition you may opt out of personalised adverts.  This will not block adverts all together, but serve you more generic Google adverts and not use Google intelligence to deliver targeted adverts.

Google's revenue is mostly advert based.  In 2009 they made (US) $23.6bn; 2010 £29.3bn;  the first three quarters of 2011 revenue is already $27.3bn

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