Google MusicGoogle launched the All Access music service in the UK recently and many people probably jumped straight into the free trial. If you signed up on launch day the 30 day free trail expires today.

Tomorrow you need to start paying!

All Access has been in the USA since 15 May but arrived in a further eleven countries on 8 August. Rather than owning your music you pay a monthly fee to stream or download music from a catalogue of around 18 million tracks. The All Access services is a direct competitor to Spotify.

There are only subtle differences between the two services, however any one of these could be important to you:

  • Spotify has a slightly larger catalogue and is available on iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Windows & Mac Apps, Web based.
  • Google Music All Access is only available on Android or web based - there is no offline option for Mac/Windows, only streaming via a web browser. If you own music this can be uploaded to the Google cloud to be accessed on any of your devices.
  • Both are priced at £9.99 per month, however if you sign up for a free trial before 15 September All Access will be £7.99 going forward.
  • Spotify offer a free service with adverts, and a £4.99 streaming only option.

For me, I have been a Spotify premium user for a number of years and can not fault the service. I was however attracted to the Google offering simply because it slots in well with my 'life' in the Google eco-system (G+, Gmail, Drive, etc). Every track I had in my Spotify library was also available on All Access.

My trial expires today and I have made the decision to cancel Spotify and pass my hard earned cash to Google :-)

What are your thoughts? Have you been testing it?  

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