Google are clearly in a sharing and caring mood at the moment.  Recently they started a transparency project to help you understand why adverts are delivered to you.

Another interesting Google page is Good to Know which aims to help you understand how your data is manipulated on the web.  It helps to clarify some of the jargon and gives great tips on how to stay safe online and also spot bogus sites.  There is a section explaining what data Google retain about you and how they store and analyze this.

One interesting section is headed up Me on the Web, explaining the importance of managing your data on the web and helping you to own it.  The article leads on to the little known Google Dashboard and is well worth a visit.

Using the Dashboard I was able to see a summary of what Google know about me over their product range.  I even setup a 'search alert' for my personal details.  If my email address is published on the web I will receive an alert from Google allowing me to investigate further.

All this transparency work by Google is a big step in helping us own our personal data and hopefully manage our identity.

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