Just in case you missed the update, Firefox have just popped out release 7 of their browser.

It's difficult keeping up with their releases these days.  Gone are the days of the X.1 releases and Mozilla pop out major version numbers almost at the drop of a hat.

Version 7 does not offer much in the way of eye candy but most importantly it does claim to address the memory leaks which have plagued Firefox for a long time.  Basically if you keep FF running for any length of time it will consume unnecessary large amounts of memory, not releasing back to the memory pool.  In fact in some cases just starting it up would eat up the memory.

Just before I upgraded from FF6 to 7 I checked the amount of memory it was consuming after running for five minutes -- a whopping 700Mbytes.  Since moving to 7 I am using a much more respectful 325Mbyes.  It's still a hefty chunk if you compare it to Google Chrome which hovers around the 100Mb but it is progress.

Everyone's memory usage numbers will vary but so far for me the update to 7 is most welcome

Firefox is available in 70 languages for Windows, Linux and Mac.  The release notes are here and you can update at getfirefox.com

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