The Mozilla foundation have announced the development of a browser for the iPad -- code-named Junior

Junior is still a prototype, although it has been in development for some months now.  Alex Limi of Mozilla said "We wanted to make something entirely new, we wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor".  He also said in a presentation that browsing on the iPad is "a miserable experience".

Junior will be very different to the traditional browser experience, with no tabs or address bar, and is designed for full screen operation.  There is currently no release date.

To be fair, Safari on the iPad is actually a very decent and capable browser.  What it does lack is tighter integration with other products and bookmark sharing.  Apple are very strict (as always) on their core products.

In all the fanfare about Junior people might miss the obvious -- Junior is actually a new front end rather than a browser as it will simply be utilising the Webkit browser engine used by Safari on the iPad.

That said, I think Junior will be a welcome addition, but let's get the facts straight!

Junior will not be the first attempt at a new browsing front end for the iPad -- there is also Yahoo Axis and the Dolphin Browser

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