At the WWDC 2012 conference today Apple presented the keynote and spent almost two hours introducing a raft of new features.  One tiny piece of news excited me the most!

They covered three key areas-- hardware in the form of MacBook Air & Pro; Mac OSX Mountain Lion; iOS 6.

Missing were the much over-hyped iPhone 5 and Apple TV.  This is why I never waste words on speculation; I want facts not fiction.

I do not intend covering all the updates (Google 'WWDC ' and get stories-a-plenty!).  However, what might get lost in all the big-ticket news is a brief comment that confirmed you will be able to associate your AppleID with your mobile number -- finally!

What does this mean -- simply that iMessage can now be fully synchronised between all your iDevices.  Apple have always talked about sync'ing of iMessage; what they never tell you is that if someone sends an iMessage to your mobile number it would only go to the phone.  It is only when a message is sent yo your Apple ID it appears on the iPad or OS X Mountain Lion.  So all that now changes with the link between your Apple ID and mobile number.  FaceTime too will understand the link between your mobile number and Apple ID.

Coming to iOS 6 in the Autumn  :-)

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