Microsoft have today announced that Facebook Messenger for the Windows phone will arrive within a few weeks.

Joe Belfiore, vice president of Windows Phone Program Management at Microsoft, was speaking at a press event in Barcelona; the day before the start of the Mobile World Congress show.

He said

We've been working with Facebook testing out their implementation for a while," he explained. "It's looking good and we will have it for our customers soon.

Facebook Messenger has been available for iOS and Android for some years but until now there has been no hint that a Windows Phone version was coming.

Quite where Messenger fits into the Facebook overall plan is a mystery. With the purchase of WhatsApp a few days ago by Facebook there is much speculation as to what will happen to WA. The official line is 'nothing' and it will run as it does now.

The reality is that something will change, eventually -- it is unlikely that FB would pay $16bn and do nothing

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