Facebook have confirmed the gradual roll out of 'Graph Search' in the UK -- specifically for those who have set their language to UK English.

Once your account is Graph Search enabled you will have a larger search bar at the top of the page. This will give you the ability to search deeper into the pages of your friends and public posts.

The search feature is context aware; examples: 'friends who have been to Italy' or 'people nearby who like bird watching'.

Facebook continue to stress that the search will only find information already shared with you -- there is no additional information being revealed.

They say:

We recommend using the Activity Log to see what youâre sharing and if youâre not happy with it, change it. For example, you could remove the tag of your name, delete it or ask the person who posted it to remove it. Or if you find youâve shared something publicly, you can change this at a later date so that only âFriendsâ can see it â or even âOnly meâ

From my own experience I would encourage you to check your security settings. I regularly see people accidentally share posts publicly. Facebook seems to have an annoying habit of switching from 'Friends only' to 'Public' as the default; especially if you share lots of public posts from other people!

I recently blogged about how to check your Facebook security -- be aware!

Facebook rolled out Graph Search in the USA in March and are now slowly bringing UK people into the mix.

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