Google FontsStarting today you can download Google fonts to your desktop for off-line use.

Google have made all of their 600+ fonts available in a collaboration with Monotype.

Google have been offering web-based fonts for some time under the Open Source model (i.e. free).

In essence a web page includes a directive to download a compressed Google fonts file and the typography may then be used on the web page. Most modern browsers support Google Web fonts, however there is an automatic fall back if it does not. In conjunction with Monotype, Google fonts can be downloaded to your desktop for use in any application.

The fonts are downloaded via a 'SkyFonts' delivery system which also keeps the local fonts in sync with Google web fonts should there be any updates. The SkyFonts tool is available are for Windows and Mac (no Linux!)

All Google fonts remain open source but the SykFonts tool also give you access to commercial fonts.

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