Micro USB Charger UKIn late September 2012 O2 announced that it would trial a scheme to sell selected mobile handsets without a charger in the box. The ultimate goal is to get all chargers out the box by 2015.

The first results of their pilot are now here, and make for encouraging reading.

O2 entered an arrangement with HTC to sell the HTC One X+ without a USB charger, but they did include a USB-to-microUSB connector to give owners the best possible chance of using an existing power source.

O2 today said that 82% of those who bought the HTC did not buy a separate charger -- exceeding O2's target of 70%

Ronan Dunne, O2 chief executive, said "The results of the trial demonstrate a clear willingness among consumers to consider and respond to the environmental argument for taking a phone charger-free."

It was recently estimated there are as many as 100m unused chargers in the UK.

Most manufactures have settled on a microUSB connector for their devices, however Apple continue to buck the trend and recently introduced a new Lightning connector in the iPhone 5.

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