David Cameron, the current UK Prime Minster, has joined Twitter -- but for what reason?  Without entering into a political debate one has to wonder what he and his followers expect from Twitter.

It is less that 24 hours since Mr Cameron joined twitter and he has amassed just over 70,000 followers in that short period of time.  His first tweet announced his account ahead of the start of his Party conference.

Obviously the account is part of the marketing machine.  Anyone who thinks the account is direct access to the PM is clearly not the sharpest tack.  Every comment that comes from 'him' will have been written, checked, edited and considered by an army of people before someone presses the 'tweet' button.  There will be no spontaneity.

It is impossible to consider  Mr Cameron reading and replying to a few tweets on his smart phone before he nods off for the night, or engaging in a Twitter rant over the morning commute.

The vast majority of tweets to his account will of course be abuse -- it's what Twitter is famous for.  You can throw an insult at someone while hiding behind a fake profile. He might see an edited version of these but the chances of a response will be slim.

Of course, I am being unfair and predicting the future but this seems to be the way of it for most high-profile/celebrity accounts!  I just fail to see what his team think they can get out of it.

In 2009 he once replied regarding Twitter:

I think that politicians do have to think about what we say, and the trouble with Twitter is, too many tweets might make a twat

Times have changed it would seem!

Follow the man himself ... @David_Cameron

He has some way to go before he amasses the 20 million followers from @BarackObama, operated in a very similar way ;-)

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