In the borwser wars numbers are everything.  The top three used by the majority of surfers are Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox.

Internet Explorer is always the top browser, however Chrome actually overtook for one day recently!

People may say that IE is only the top web browser because it comes pre-installed on every copy of Windows (any version).  That is serious market coverage.  In Europe you must be given a choice of browser, so your PC should ask you during setup which browser you wish as your default.  Of course, those who don't understand will simply select IE, thus artificially inflating its popularity(?)

One Sunday 18th March 2012 Google's Chrome was clocked as being used by 32.7% of internet users.  IE slipped into second place with  32.5%.  It's a tiny difference, but still an interesting statistics.

Does this mean that, given the choice, people are using Chrome (at home)?  IE has a huge corporate user base so this Sunday statistic could imply that user prefer Chrome.

On Monday the roles reverse to normal week-day stats of around 35% for IE and 30% from Chrome.  Firefox hovers around the 24% mark each day; Safari roughly 6.7%; Opera 1.8%.

The data is based on figures gathered from StatCounter analyzing 15 billion page visits.

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