It is no great surprise that over the holiday period the use of technology increases, and it will also be of little surprise that a very popular Christmas gift is a smart phone or device.

The figures are quite astounding when you compare them to the norm.

If we take a typical day in December, the number of iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices being activated is around 1.5million -- an impressive number by itself.  However on 25 December 2011 this figure rockets by 353% to an amazing 6.8 million devices. Compare this to the same day in 2010 when you had a mere(!) 2.8 million activation.  In anyone's book this is impressive growth.

The numbers continue to be staggering.  Between 11am and 11pm on 25 December we downloaded 175 million Apps for iOS or Android with the peak time between 7 and 9pm when it was over 15 million per hour.

Interestingly 25 December is traditionally a quiet day for the internet, closely followed by 1 January.  This year internet usage drop by 27% on Christmas day compared to an average day.  Peak internet usage was 7am to mid-day (in the UK), then falling off dramatically until early evening when people start to play with their tech.

Electricity consumption also falls -- on an average day in the UK in December we demand 60 Gigawatt's of Electricity required at any one time.  On Christmas day this falls by nearly 10 Gigawatt's, according to stats from the National Grid.

I guess two things can be taken from all these number......

  • The smart device is growing at an impressive rate -- developers and business take note!
  • The Corporate beast is clearly the largest consumer of power; even with us all at home cooking the turkey we can not compete with all the light bulbs in the land of business.

iOS/Andriod stats from Flurry

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