BT LogoBT have today announced the launch of their 'Totally unlimited' broadband package in the UK.  As the name suggests there will be no monthly usage limit, nor will there be any traffic management.

The word unlimited  is often banded around by providers of data services, however in reading the small print there is typically a fair-use policy providing the provider with a handy 'get out of jail' card if you are using too much of their resource.  The war of words around unlimited seems never-ending.

BT claim 'Totally Unlimited' BT will not use traffic management (shaping), which is another technique employed by providers -- this in effect slows your connection as you download more, and also at peak times.

BT is also announcing BT Cloud, a new online storage service with a free allowance for all consumer broadband customers. Top BB packages receive 50Gb of storage while other accounts will have 2GB.  This not the first time BT have made an attempt at cloud storage and they are entering a fiercely competitive and crowded market -- Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive to name but a few.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s Consumer division, said:

We believe we have boosted our broadband offering by moving our best broadband deals to totally unlimited

This is a step in the right direction.  So many home users now make greater demands on their broadband by watching catchup TV.  They do not always appreciate this is eating into the monthly broadband allowance.

BT still have a way to go -- currently you need to purchase a call package, which is pointless if you only wish the line for broadband and no calls.  Equally, the line-rental cost could be reduced for BB only lines.

Totally Unlimited Broadband will be available from February 1. The 16Mbps copper broadband options both come with the first six months free, while customers can get Infinity for just £9 per month for the first three months.  Existing customers will be able to switch to Totally Unlimited Broadband by signing a new contract.

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