The Cloud collaboration service Box (aka may have finally come to its senses and started offering 'sync' to Personal users.

Box is one of the original bunch of cloud file storage and collaboration gang but has always shied away from allowing personal (and free) user accounts the Desktop Sync feature.  All the other big players like Dropbox and Skydrive provide the feature -- files are stored in the cloud, but also synchronised locally to your devices; if you don't have a web connection at any point you can still get to your files.

Even the new starts such as GoogleDrive and Cubby offer the service.

Until now Box has only offered Sync to Business or Enterprise users, however it seems this is changing and they are sending out 'exclusive' invites to their users inviting them to use the 'Sync' feature.

The Desktop Sync feature is available for Windows and Mac OSX -- no Linux version is currently available!

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