Blackberry have launched their BBM Music service in the UK for a subscription of £4.99 per month -- interestingly it's very difficult trying to find the price on their website!

The music service differs from the traditional streaming service, which might be why they have been able to persuade the major record labels to join up so quickly -- Universal, EMI, Sony Music and Warner Music are all on board.

In a break from the norm, and perhaps too restrictive for some, the BBM Music app allows you to compile a list of your favourite 50 tracks from the massive catalog.  You are then stuck with those 50 songs for the month but can then swap no more than 25 each subsequent month.  There is a twist -- you can share your playlist with others and of course you can receive their playlists.  This allows your music collection to grow, but only by the tastes of your friends.

Music can be downloaded to the SD card in your Blackberry for offline listening.

The backend work is actually handled by Omnifone rather than BB/RIM themselves.

For me, listening to my personal choice of 50 tracks for a whole month could get a little tiresome.

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