Blackberry 10The Blackberry 10 event has finally arrived and today the covers are officially removed from their much-anticipated and delayed update.

Was it worth the wait?  Have they been able to deliver something ground-breaking?

There are many new features announced, below are a few of the key updates:

  • The RIM (Research in Motion) brand is to be dropped and the company will now be known simply as Blackberry.
  • Two devices are unveiled. The Z10, a 4.2" touch device, and the Q10 with the traditional keyboard.
  • The Blackberry Hub offers integration of social network notifications, BBM and email -- think universal inbox.
  • Blackberry Balance allows users to split their phone between work and personal use allowing Apps to be designated to a specific area.
  • BBM (Blackberry Messenger) now supports voice and video calling and screen sharing, as well as messaging.
  • There are around 70,000 third-party apps available in Blackberry World. Some of the top names include Skype, Amazon Kindle, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn.
  • Navigation is very gesture based.

President and CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins:

Two years ago we had to make a very serious decision: adopt someone else's platform or build a whole new one from the ground up. We made the decision to go it alone.

The device will be available in the UK tomorrow (31 January) and Canada from 5th February.  The US release  is expected in early March after carrier testing has completed. Pricing is currently not available.

Finally, and perhaps the most bizarre announcement, Alicia Keys is announced as BlackBerry's new Global Creative Director. Heins introduced her by saying "We needed someone who is creative, and into technology."

The full presentation and details are available at the Blackberry 10 site

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