Research in Motion - Blackberry 10Research in Motion, developers of the Blackberry range, have today announced the launch of the much-anticipated and delayed version 10 of the operating system, along with two new handsets.

Put a note in your diary for January 30th 2013.

The new hardware will consist of a full screen touch device (think current iPhone/Android style) and an upgraded Blackberry Bold.

The struggling company also confirmed that 50 mobile carriers around the globe have agreed to offer the new kit.

Although 30 January is billed as  a 'launch event' where RIM will officially show the product, there is no confirmation of the exact date it will be in the hands of users.  Also no details are available on pricing.

Many in the industry see version 10 as the make-or-break offering from RIM as its market share continues to plummet.

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