Much has been written on Google Streetview -- privacy issues topping the list of concerns from the moan-a-minute brigade, however I am a fan and it has helped me out many times.  The fact that Streetview covers 96% of the UK  (210,000 miles of roads) is an impressive achievement.

  • Thinking of buying a house -- 'Streetview' the area and see what it looks like.
  • Visiting a new location -- 'Streetview' it for a visual to help locate it when you arrive.
  • Holidaying  .... well, you get the idea !

So now I read that those lovely people at Microsoft are to do the same thing, but in a scaled down way.  Why?

Microsoft have started collecting data to use in their own Bing search tool (sorry, Decision Engine), calling in Streetside.  The aim is to cover only major cities and they have no plans to capture the whole country.  Again, Why?

What use is half a story to anyone?

Microsoft have published a list of the cities they plan to hit first if you are interested.

No doubt Germany is off the Microsoft list as our friends in  Deutschland made such a fuss over Google Street view that Google have canned any notion of completing/adding to the current German version.

I see a repeating pattern for Microsoft -- Always late to the table with the next big thing.  Think of the Windows 7 mobile phone (the iPhone killer, NOT); What about Zune (the iPod killer, NOT);  Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, or 8 (so lame it has no legs to stand on when it comes to Internet standards); finally IE9 gets something close to sensible!

Now, just to be clear I am not a hater of Microsoft but I do prefer leaders rather than followers!

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