Many blogs have been trumpeting the ability to fully Jailbreak  iOS devices running the most recent version of the Apple mobile operating system.  iOS 5.0.1 seems to have been a difficult one to crack however the job is done and you can now Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad fully (previously only a tethered approach was available)

If my theory is correct, Apple will shortly follow with an iOS update.

Apple released 5.0.1 in November 2011 (with a minor update in December for iPhone 4S's).  Since then things have gone quiet from Apple even although they hinted there is still some work to do in addressing battery performance.

The question then -- have Apple been holding off for the Jailbreak?  This will allow them to lock down the 'back door' facilitating the hack and release the next version of iOS.

We might never see version 5.0.2 as Apple have already released version 5.1 to Apple developers

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