iOS DNDA new year, and new date, and yet another new date-handling issue for Apple on their iOS devices.  It seems that every iteration of iOS introduces a bizarre bug linked to dates.

This time it is the turn of the Do Not Disturb features introduced in iOS version 6 late in 2012.  The operating system will automatically turn on the DND feature, effectively rendering your device silent, however it fails to turn off the feature again! Rest assured you can go to bed and your trusty iPhone will slip into silent, and in the morning it will not trouble you again as it stays in DND.

Apple have acknowledged the issue and tells us the bug will auto-fix on 7th January, however they is no immediate fix on the horizon nor is there an explanation.

Any developer who has worked with dates will recognise the problem -- some sloppy coding (in iOS) is clearly using a date format that is returning the year part of the date as last year, rather than 2013.  This happens in some circumstances where the date-library thinks the year is still in 2012 as the first Monday has not occurred in 2013 as yet (New year was on a Tuesday).

Oddly it would appear Apple use one set of code to turn DND on (the correct code) and another (the buggy code) to turn it off.

Apple have no plan to fix it before the 7th January but no doubt an update will work its way in during the year.

Apple do not have a great track record with dates -- 2010, 2011 and 2012 saw Daylight saving problems.


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