Android Device Manager iconThe Android Device Manager is a must for all Android users; phone or tablet. In a nut shell it is a 'Find my Android' service in the event you misplace your device; it also provides remote security features to lock or wipe your device.

After reading this please take ten seconds to enable it -- you can then forget all about Device Manager unless the worst should happen.

Google rolled out Device Manager in August 2013 without too much fanfare but it is a fabulously simple, effective and much-needed security tool -- and it's free. Anyone with Android version 2.2 or above can use it, so that should cover almost everyone.

  • Go into the Google Settings App google settingss
  • Click "Android Device Manager"
  • Enable both features
  • Job done

If you misplace your phone, head on over to

Android Device Manager example

From the web page you can see where your device is right now; make it ring (even when on mute); reset the pass code and lock it; completely wipe the device. Obviously all this depends on your device being switched on and having a data signal. If there is no data service your command will be obeyed as soon as the device makes a connection using any data provider (WiFi or mobile network).


There's no adverse impact on battery life as the device is not constantly updating Google; the location is requested only when you visit the web page.

Given that we now use our phones and tablets in daily life, and there is potentially sensitive data stored, this is a brilliant addition to your Google device.

Right, go enable it NOW....


In the interests of fairness, iOS owners have an almost identical service for iPhone and iPad devices. Find my iPhone is available free; set it up now, and forget about it.

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