It's been a busy day of announcements for Amazon at their press conference -- everyone assumed it would be the announcement of a new device, but it has turned in to a complete product refresh!



Firstly the Kindle Touch, which is basically a touch screen kindle with no keyboard, instead going for the, now common, software keyboard; 8% lighter, holding around 3,000 books �Its still has the superb e-ink monochrome technology. A mere $99 (US) or a 3G version with no additional charges or commitments for $149 (US). �No international pricing yet. �Order from today for shipping on 21 November

Next, the new Kindle - in essence the current kindle, with no keyboard; crucially no touch screen so navigation through a few small buttons on the case. �$79

Finally, the one everyone expected...the Kindle Fire. �7 inch colour display with a dual core processor, and a light 14.6oz in weight, running�Android. �They have beefed up the browsing capabilities and introduced Amazon Silk -- The Amazon EC2 cloud will do the heavy work on a web page and return the results to the Fire. �$199 US, shipping�November�15th. �WiFi only, no 3G version.

There was no mention of availability or pricing outside the USA!

UPDATE:� Amazon in the UK have now announced pricing for the new Kindle at �89, available for pre-order now, shipping on 12 October.� Still no mention of the Fire or Kindle Touch.


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