Adobe have today briefed its development partners on their plans for Adobe Flash.  Simply, Adobe with cease development of Flash technologies on ALL mobile browser platforms.

Adobe is now focusing their development efforts on: Applications for mobile; Expressive content on the desktop (in and out of browser); Increasing their investments in HTML5 in general.

This is probably no huge surprise to anyone who follows the 'flash wars'.  Adobe have been fighting an uphill battle over the past few years on the need for Flash, and more specifically within the mobile environment.  Many people cite it's intense demands on processor and battery power as not being conducive to mobile technology

Only 18 months ago Apple were berating the need for Flash in todays modern browsers, especially with the emergence of the HTML 5 standards.  Adobe were of course 100% behind the product.  So here we are today with Adobe saying it's a dead duck!

I suspect it is only a matter of time before Flash on desktop environments comes to an end.

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