In a surprise move Ofcom (the UK regulators for the communication industry) has approved the use of 4G data within the current mobile spectrum licensed to Everything Everywhere, a joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange in the UK.

Everything Everywhere can now use their 1800 Mhz spectrum to provide 4G LTE mobile data services.  The surprise is that Ofcom are granting this while they are in the process of selling off the 800Mhz and 2.6 Ghz spectrum for use from next year.  The other mobile phone networks in the UK are of course up in arms over the decision, saying it has created an unfair advantage for Everything Everywhere as they will have access to potential 4G customers well ahead of anyone else.

The 4G network can deliver data speeds around 100Mbps, as compared to 3G at around 7 Mbps.  Licences are being granted by Ofcom now to EE for a launch from 11 September.

Currently there are very few devices in the UK market supporting 4G technology, however it is perhaps interesting that Apple have a press event on the 12 September, and the much rumoured iPhone 5 may be announced (which could of course be 4G compliant).  Could EE be preparing its network for an exclusive launch?

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